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We at Global study helpers provide the answers to all history problems. In the global history of modern times we will read the history of societies, nations and colonials from the 18th century to the present day. it includes political changes, development of printing technology in Germany, British empire and much more. It also covers the economic development of the society and nations, cultural diffusion, revolutions and wars and their impact on the society.

Modern history also refers to the modern era or the modern world

There are lots many changes that took place in the 18th-19th century. In every corner of world there were a number of changes that taking place. Like in Germany there was a fall down of Adolf Hitler and Nazism took place. In France French revolution was in full swing. Changes were happening in India as well. The voice of independence ‘Purna Swaraj’ is heating up.

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There was also a tremendous development took place in the field of science

As Newton Einstein and many others took birth in that era. Newton’s contribution in the field of mathematics and physics is incredible. Also Einstein had proposed the theory of relativity which is one of the complexes, biggest and most interesting theory of all times.

One of the main changes that have occurred in that era is in the field of industries

Industrialization is the period of economic and social change that transforms the humanity from an agrarian society in to an industrial one. With industrialization there comes a change in the philosophy of the people too. The very first country that industrialized was United Kingdom during the industrial revolution that commenced in the 18th century. By the end of the 20th century East Asia has become the one of the most industrialized region of the world.

Due to the industrial revolution the living standard of people has also risen and now the lives of people are better than ever. In the 18th-19th century United Kingdom has experienced a massive growth in the agricultural productivity known as the British Agricultural Revolution which in turn causes the unprecedented population growth. There is also a similar type of growth seen in the countries of third world during the cold war. The primary goal of these countries is to have stability, self-sufficiency through the local production and the spread of education.

Apart from the Japan, where the industrialization has begun in the late 19th century a different pattern is followed in the East Asia. One of the fastest industrialization growths has been seen in the 20th century across four countries known as the Asian tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan). The credit for this rapid goes to the stable governments, heavy foreign investments, motivated workforce, better exchange rates and well-structured and educated society.